Meet Ritchie Torres, a Democrat for Congress and an Affordable America

Every single day across the Bronx, families sit at their kitchen table struggling to make ends meet. How will they make rent in the most expensive city in America? Will their children be safe on the way to school? How will they support their family tomorrow?


As a product of public housing, Ritchie stands as living proof that investment in affordable housing can bring stability and opportunity. Yet, the Republican Party, from Nixon to Reagan to Trump, systematically starved public housing of federal funding for decades.

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Access to Opportunity

Whether it’s raising the minimum wage to $15 so that all Americans have access to better paying jobs or reforming our federal tax code to reach the needs of the lowest-income Americans, Ritchie supports key measures to help eradicate poverty nationwide.

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Communities like the South Bronx are plagued by disinvestment and neglect. Ritchie will center his fight for justice on the communities that have been left behind.

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LGBTQ+ Rights

Ritchie is committed to supporting LGBTQ+ individuals from their youth through aging. At the City Council, Ritchie fought for more resources for LGBTQ+ homeless youth and secured funding for the first LGBTQ+ senior center in the Bronx.

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, for far too long, has been left behind. The island has been hit with crisis after crisis: crippling debt, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Irma, and a series of earthquakes. Like Native Americans and African-Americans, women and LGBTQ+ individuals, Puerto Ricans should be seen as part of the same overarching struggle for equality.

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